Spring Crafting

Hello, dear readers! I am happy to report that I have pictures of crafty projects to share with you today. This winter/spring I have been busy with an assortment of  fun little crafts. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment, it would be fantastic to get some crafty discussion going. On to the crafts!

First up is my Doctor Who purse. I used fabric from Spoonflower.com as well as bits and bobs from my stash to make this purse. This purse is really special to me because it represents my return to sewing following a health-inspired hiatus. It’s not perfect but I will never ever tell why. I made it to wear to the screening of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. It felt amazing to walk into a show I had been looking forward to for months wearing a bag I had made after weeks and weeks of being unable to craft. It felt really, really great to be back at the pedal of my Husquvarna again. I will always cherish this bag.

Doctor Who purse made and designed by E.A. Schneider

Doctor Who purse made and designed by E.A. Schneider

I used glow in the dark thread to outline quilt the swirls and the TARDIS on the front. It is subtle but fun.

Back of the Doctor Who purse made and designed by E.A. Schneider

Back of the Doctor Who purse made and designed by E.A. Schneider

The variegated fabric I used gives the illusion of more piecing than I actually did. I love it when I can do that! Mwahahahaha!

Hey look! It's bigger on the inside of the Doctor Who purse! (Not really, but the universe fabric does give a nice illusion, doesn't it?)

Hey look! It’s bigger on the inside of the Doctor Who purse! (Not really, but the universe fabric does give a nice illusion, doesn’t it?)

In this picture you can see the pocket I sewed for emergency hand sanitizer (holding actual sanitizer no less!) nestled underneath a galaxy. I used a snap clasp to close the purse. You can also see the brass ring, towards the left of the picture, that secures the strap to the bag body.

Matching potholders by E.A. Schneider

Matching potholders by E.A. Schneider

Above you can see a set of matching potholders I made for a favorite person. These are hopefully industrial strength since I used two layers of pre-quilted fabric as well as special insulated batting. No burns on my watch!

Fishing scarf by E.A. Schneider

Fishing scarf by E.A. Schneider

Another couple favorite people got fleece scarves from me this year. Long time pond visitors might remember that I like to make these scarves a lot. I forgot to take pictures of a cute one I made with turtle fabric but I get pictures of the fun fishing themed one I made above.

Tea wallets with vintage buttons by E.A. Schneider

Tea wallets with vintage buttons by E.A. Schneider

Tea wallets! I love making these tea wallets. I used a tutorial from here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=403079.0#axzz2clJOep3z

I can make them in under two hours, use up small pieces of fabric, and customize them with vintage buttons. It is a great gift project that is perfect for two of my very favorite people.


Inside of the tea wallets by E.A. Schneider


Finally, I will leave you with a sneak peek at another project I’m working on. Hopefully I’ll be back at the pond soon with pictures of the completed project.

I see amazing border fabric! Is that, perchance, a quillow? Yes, dear readers, it is.

I see amazing border fabric! Is that, perchance, a quillow? Yes, dear readers, it is.


Thanks for joining me here at the pond!

7 thoughts on “Spring Crafting

    • Thank you! I knew you were a Whovian but I did not know you enjoyed Star Trek. Yaaaay! Do you have a favorite series or movie? I should never ask that question because I hate picking favorites myself but I am always curious.

      I’m glad my work inspires you! I basically taught myself to quilt. I knew sewing from my mom and home-ec but when I wanted to learn to quilt my mom leant me books and I just bulled ahead fearlessly. If I can manage with two mostly-functional hands and a willingness to blaze forward I daresay there is hope for everyone. 🙂

      • Of course! I cut my teeth on TNG. As for my favorite series, it’s probably a tie between TNG (at least, the later seasons) and Deep Space 9 (apart from the last few episodes). As for movies, I would have to say Star Trek 4. 🙂 What about you?

        Willingness and determination are such an important part of creativity. Every time someone tells me “I’m just not creative” I tend to rant at them about how I believe (apart from the rare person who is unusually gifted) that most artists and writers and creative people have to work at their craft in order to become good at it, and it is that willingness to put effort into it that separates “creative” from “non-creative” people.

      • I am in the same boat. I first started watching TNG but I also watched TOS and DS9 growing up. I agree that TNG and DS9 are tied for my affections as best series but I think all of the series have good episodes. I have to confess, I have not watched Enterprise in its entirety. I got frustrated with the post-911 grittiness and the horrifyingly objectified portrayals of T’Pol. I will finish watching it eventually. I saw the animated series as an adult and I really love the writing for a lot of the episodes, I especially liked the greater variety of aliens that were possible in an animated series and the great character opportunities for Uhura. My favorite movie is a tie between Star Trek II and Star Trek IV, they are both so good!

        Being the Trek-nerd I am, I actually like to play both of those movies a lot on my laptop in the background as I quilt. There’s something about it that just makes me want to sew boldly on regardless of how daunting the project is. I also hum along a lot to the theme music. :-p

        I have done the, “you have to try and try and try again!” rant to people about creativity a lot myself. I think most people think there is some magic something that “creative” people have because that is much more appealingly romantic than the idea of a lot of dogged work that anyone, including them, could actually do if they had motivation. By thinking it is “magic” they let themselves off the hook from trying in the first place. Oh well.

  1. I never finished Enterprise, either. Too much captain-angst, and you are right, there is no excuse for the way they handle T’Pol. If they had used her to make a point about the sexism in TOS, or decided not to objectify her, I would have been a lot more interested.
    I never finished Voyager, either, though I want to. It came out at a time where regularly keeping up with a show just wasn’t easy for me. As for the animated series, I only learned of its existence a few weeks ago! I guess this makes me a pretty poor excuse for a fan, but I still wear my badge with pride. 😉 Ah, Wrath of Khan. Yes, that one is up there for me, too.

    To boldly sew, where no one has sewn before. 😀

    Sadly, I think you hit the nail on the head. It lets them off the hook, at least in their own minds.

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