Nerds for a Cure 2017!

This page is on my blog specifically to talk about my fundraising efforts for Walk MS 2017 to stamp out multiple sclerosis. You can see my team captain page here and, if you are so inclined, you can donate to me to help my team, Nerds for a Cure, raise money to fund much needed research for new treatments and a cure for multiple sclerosis.


Team Captain

I believe that nerd power can do anything and that I will live to see the day that people don’t have to suffer from multiple sclerosis anymore. Thank you in advance, dear readers, for helping to prove me right by spreading the word and donating. Periodically I will update this page with nifty things in bright orange text so please, check back and thanks for stopping by. Below you can read about how our 2016 efforts turned out. Hopefully, we can make 2017 an even bigger success. Together, the sky is the limit.


Soaring over the Fox river in a near-perfect V by E.A. Schneider

In 2016 we did a big game-themed, nerdy fundraiser at a fabulous local bar called 42 Ale House with the help of Board Game Beastro. Here is our poster:


Nerds for a Cure Fundraiser 2016-001

Here’s a collage print of the fabulous people who made the event both possible and successful. Thank you all. Thank you 42 Ale House for being our venue and donating your tasty items and thank you Board Game Beastro for your games & expertise.


Together, team Nerds for a Cure raised $866 at the above event to go towards our team fundraising goal of $5500. Our team also had more members this year and a large turnout at the Walk in September.

Walk MS 2016 Nerds for a Cure-002

Team Nerds for a Cure 2016. These people are the coolest nerds around.

Ultimately, the team raised $5,867 for the Wisconsin chapter of the National MS Society. We’re going to be doing both the gaming fundraising and the Walk again in 2017 so please, keep checking this page, check out our Nerds for a Cure team page, spread the word, and donate if you can. Every dollar helps get us closer to new treatments and a cure. Thank you! 


Sky is the limit! by E.A. Schneider

 4/2/2017 UPDATE: Team Nerds for a Cure is 3 members strong and counting. We have also raised our first donations and are 5% of the way to our goal. Q’pla!

5/29/2017 UPDATE: We have a poster, a FB page, and a Twitter account. Only a passionate desire to save my brain could drag me out of the 20th century and on to so much social media but I’m optimistic it will help. Thanks for checking them out and supporting my team’s efforts to fund research on multiple sclerosis!

6/4/2017 UPDATE: We have some donations from businesses and will hopefully hear from more places soon. Team Nerds for a Cure is also now four member strong. We’re starting to get some momentum and it’s pretty exciting.

6/9/2017 UPDATE: We have a couple more donations and I started an event page on Goodreads because a copy of ROAR Volume 7 with my grateful autograph will be a raffle prize. Thanks in advance for your support!


2017 poster is here!


11 thoughts on “Nerds for a Cure 2017!

  1. There are only 35 days to go until the walk! We are ~60% of the way through our fundraising goal of $3000. I am plugging away at spreading the word and thinking up new fundraising options. I also just want to reiterate that knowing there are successful treatments/cures to a medical challenge makes such a difference. I am currently facing some other scary medical shenanigans at the moment but, because there are such good treatments/cures available, I’m not as scared of this new business as I continue to be of multiple sclerosis. And multiple sclerosis is better than it used to be! Today is the best day in history to be facing this disease, I am so blessed. Still, I’m really looking forward to a day when I, and everybody else with this and related neurological problems, can be cured. Please, help us fundraise for that future. Here’s the link again: Thanks for reading, dear readers. Go, nerds!

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  3. Woot! I made my personal fundraising goal of $1000 for Walk MS thanks to some amazing people. Thank you all so much. There are still 26 more days until the walk and I’m actually working away on a final fundraiser (hint: it involves nerd fabric) that I hope to launch this weekend. Therefore, I have upped my personal fundraising goal to $2000 and the team goal of $3000 still needs to be met. Please, share this page or donate if you can. Together, we can end this disease. Go, nerds!

  4. Only 4 days left until the walk! I have organized two final fundraisers. The first is a raffle of beautiful handcrafted wood items and sewn home goods that you can find out about here:
    The second is a dine-in event at Rocky’s Pizza in Waukesha, WI on Monday the 21st. You can print out the flyer from here:
    Thank you for your support in helping to save my brain from multiple sclerosis! This is all slightly less scary with your help.

  5. The big day today was amazing! We had a splendid time and raised more money than ever. In the final hours before raffle prize entries close, please know that you have a really, REALLY, good chance of winning in several cool prize options that have zero competition if you donate before Noon CT tomorrow the 21st. The Star Trek scarf, the Doctor Who scarf, the dice bags of holding, the wildlife pillow, the bangle bracelets, the bottle openers, and the kitchen accessories all had ZERO entries. If you donate in the next few hours to one of those options, you’ll probably win at this point. Check out the link!

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