Repeatable Joy

The ability to repeat an experiment and replicate results consistently is a cornerstone of science, dear readers. You don’t want something you try, especially something important, to prove to be a fluke. A good experiment can be accurately repeated time and again. This basic fact is burned into my brain. I know that art isn’t science but for me and the way my brain works, I kinda think that anything real should be repeatable.

When my first professionally published story, “Valentine,” hit the Internet a few months ago, that little voice known as Doubt did whisper in my ear. Me being me, I argued.

“You know that it was just a fluke, right?”

Well, I hope it isn’t…

“You know that they didn’t publish your story because they actually thought it was good.”

Then why?

“You know that this isn’t going to happen again, right? Because it’s not.”

That’s probably true; but maybe if I just submit one more time…

If you’re a writer or an artist, you probably have your own version of that dialogue between yourself and your inner demon of Doubt every day, too. I am confident that I’m not the only one. Heck, you probably have your own negative give and take just being a human being.

While I know that Doubt will never go away I am happy to announce that I have managed to get it to shut up for a little while thanks to a victory of epic proportions: I sold another short story. HAH! In your face, Doubt! You can suck it!


This whole people-publishing-my-stories thing is not a fluke, it is repeatable. And I hope that I can repeat it many times over. Now, I have to get cracking on some more fiction. Thanks for joining me in my happy dancing, dear pond readers.




My story will be appearing in an anthology that will be published in both book form and epub form later this summer, probably in July. I will post more details as I find them out. In the meantime, dear pond reader, the happy dancing will continue. Thanks for stopping by.




UPDATE! If you want to buy a copy for your home library AND support a burgeoning author, you can use this link: ROAR Volume 7 and I will get a small advertising fee as a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Thanks for your support, I hope that you like the book, and thanks for stopping by the pond, dear readers.