Editing blues

So, I’ve been busy editing things both fictional and non-fictional and it is always difficult. Writing is re-writing until you get it right or somebody you trust tells you to quit already. Revision is your friend as a writer and scientist, but dang is it tough. Yesterday I spent hours cutting a measly 784 words from a manuscript that I just got back from a beloved Beta reader. This was definitely one of those achievements that felt both exciting and excruciating. 784 words! Yay! 784 words. Yay…<insert weeping beside my pile of journals and laptop here>

Once again, blogger and author Daniel Swensen puts how I feel into words and pictures perfectly: A helpful piece of insight entitled: “The Comfortable Void.” I encourage you to check it out while I get back to battling my verbosity to make something decent. How are you doing, fellow writer pond readers? Any project(s) driving you to distraction? Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by the pond.


Unfurling possibilities by E.A. Schneider