Sprouts Away! And Other Updates

Greetings, dear pond readers! This is yet another small, place-holder post to check in and wish you very happy unofficial start to Summer.

The 2022 Good News Garden is off to a grand start. The Wee Bairn and I up-cycled some containers to head-start seeds in addition to using a grow tray that was buried in our garage. I was not overly optimistic about the motley assortment of milk jugs, strawberry containers, take-out plastic boxes, and paper drink carriers that we assembled. For one thing, they fell over a lot, we didn’t exactly take care over how many seeds got into each one, and had to resort to a combination of twine and scrap cotton fabric to close the containers after running out of packing tape. It seemed a dubious beginning.

And yet, we have sprouts. The Good News Garden is filled with Grace once again. Everything in every unlikely container sprouted and the sprouts in the milk jugs and take-out trays look more robust now than the sprouts in the more “official” garden tray. Go figure.

Mighty Roma Tomatoes by E.A. Schneider

This year, I decided not to wait for the harvest to share the fruits of the garden. Because so many seeds sprouted that the Wee Bairn and I started together, there is no way we’ll be able to grow them all to fruition with the space we have. Bean sprouts were gifted to a neighbor. Basil and Roma tomatoes were gifted to a close friend. Bell peppers and still more Roma tomatoes were gifted to a coworker. I’m planning to put the remaining motley lot of sprouts in the ground and in more pots to share as gifts but we’ll see what happens. The Good News Garden is providing abundant inspiration and joy; gardening is going to be an adventure this year and I’m looking forward to sharing it here with you, dear readers.

Sowing More Seeds Together by E.A. Schneider

Summer is bringing with it more plans, more movies, more writing ambitions, more cooking adventures, more crafting ambitions, and my perennial quest to read more engaging books. I couldn’t be more excited. I recently submitted two of my stories for publication, started two more sewing projects, and saw the movie Belle which has fired my imagination up hotter than a firework. As usual, I hope to share more of these adventures here at the pond.

Tulips blooming by E.A. Schneider

What are your ambitions for the summer, dear reader? What are you most excited to view, read, or create?

Please, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, stay well, stay kind, and leave a comment or question below. Thanks for stopping by the pond today.

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