At-Home COVID-19 Tests

American Flag by E.A. Schneider

Greetings, dear pond readers! This is only a short post tonight to boost the signal on the new US government initiative to get at-home COVID-19 tests into households across America. My own painful experience suffering from COVID-19 this fall emphasized the importance of COVID-19 testing and I’m excited to share the link for how to sign up for your tests here:

It was easy to do and I strongly encourage my American readers to take advantage of this opportunity. Almost 1 million Americans have died of COVID-19. Every life matters, including yours. Please, be a lifesaver. Get vaccinated, test often, wear masks, watch your distance, and wash your hands. We can survive this pandemic together.

Please, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, stay well, stay kind, and leave a comment or question below. Thanks for stopping by the pond today.

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