Pumpkin Flavored Victory

Greetings, dear pond readers! Earlier this summer I posted about my experiment writing through the crud of life. Good news, that experiment helped jumpstart some great writing productivity. Thanks to a super awesome friend of mine, I found out about an exciting writing contest with a final submission deadline of August 31st. I’ve always thought that deadlines were useful tools even though I frequently watch in horror as they fly over my head. This time, this golden happy time, I managed to turn the headlong rush of the deadline into useful momentum. The project that I was stuck on how to re-write? I persevered through where I was stuck and successfully finished what I hope is the final draft of the next E.A. Lawrence publication. Not only did I finish, I finished two days ahead of deadline and 10 words under the max word count. There was happy dancing.

High Stepping Rhino by E.A. Schneider

This wasn’t easy. I chiseled away at my revisions in the morning, on my lunch break, and late into the night; oftentimes all three on multiple days in a week. My friends helped me stay honest. I tend to be secretive about what I’m working on and don’t share specifics but when people asked me how I was, I said working on a deadline. It felt good to say that and know that I was making progress. I like drafting new stories but I actually find revising to be more elementally satisfying. Like editing a photo, working on a revision feels like artistry to make the small tweaks that make a beautiful, unified whole.

Bumblebee in my Good News Garden by E.A. Schneider

Because one of my writer/D&D friends is also a talented baker, they gave me a giant loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread to celebrate my victory last week. Today I finished the last bite and while I’m always up for more pumpkin flavored everything, I find myself hungry for another writing challenge. For as excited as I am about the draft I turned in to the contest, I’m more excited about the rush of making the deadline. Win, lose, or draw on this specific contest, I have a marketable draft that I can place with a publishing home. Now, I just want to repeat this writing achievement. I have a handful of short fiction projects in various stages of drafting and editing as well as a long line of new ideas for stories twinkling across my mind. Can I find momentum to reach a new deadline? God-willing and coffee pouring, yes. Tonight I spent time organizing my calendar alerts with deadlines for submission for seven different publishing opportunities. Will I make all of these deadlines? Probably not. Will I polish up more stories that make me smile and get submitted for some of these? Yeah, I think I will.

Swimming River Otter by E.A. Schneider

How are you doing creatively, dear pond readers? Any big projects you’re working on this Fall?

Please, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, stay well, stay kind, and leave a comment or question below. Thanks for stopping by the pond today.

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