Kiddo Sewing Fun

Hello, dear pond readers! Recently, I finished some sewing projects for my kiddo and thought that I would share them with you. First, up are some finger puppets.

The puppets were hand sewn using a cut and sew pattern entitled “animal kingdom finger puppets” from My beloved mostly recycled flannel quilt is the backdrop for the puppets in the picture gallery above. It was an easy project to do by hand and a great way to avoid snacking compulsively during stressful D&D games over the past several months. I lined the puppets with scraps of fleece so they would be a little softer to the touch. My Wee Bairn thought they were cute but they haven’t been the favorite toy I had secretly hoped they would become. This seems to be a recurring source of anxiety with things I make the kiddo. That said, the Wee Bairn does find it very gratifying to put the puppets in and out of wherever they are currently living and that is fun. I had a blast making the puppets and doing goofy voices with them during D&D games. Hopefully, the kiddo will get more into the puppets over time. The other day, I caught the kiddo flipping through the Paddington Bear cloth book and the Chew-bot that I made years ago which warmed my crafty heart to see.

Speaking of D&D, my kiddo is a big fan of the 1, 2, 3s of D&D by Ivan Van Norman, illustrated by Caleb Cleveland. Our family copy of this book bears many battle scars from the loving teeth of an over-enthusiastic Wee Bairn and has been a frequent visitor to Book Hospital. A couple weeks ago the Wee Bairn started pointing at a d20 pillow depicted in the illustrations and expressing a great desire for one of their very own to cuddle. Being a crafty nerd, I actually have three d20 pillows cut out but have not attempted to sew any of them yet. The pieces just sit in strategic places quietly shaming me like so many of my UFOs. While I have plans for a larger d20 pillow made out of green fleece, I decided to try to make a smaller red d20 first using another cut and sew pattern from entitled “DIY XL D20 dice Plushy/bag Red” printed on fleece. Because the Wee Bairn has been laid out sick with a nasty non-COVID virus, I was with the kiddo over the weekend watching a lot of streaming and making sure we both stayed hydrated. I started hand sewing the d20 and my kiddo immediately wanted to help me. Sewing isn’t exactly the most child-safe activity but if the kiddo wants to help, I try to make it work somehow. Thankfully, I was inspired by my mom. Growing up my crafty mom would let me help stuff projects she’d sewn and I have a lot of happy memories making plushies & home decor with her. I offered my kiddo the same deal: I sew and you can stuff. Sewing this d20 wasn’t as relaxing as hand sewing usually is for me because I had my kiddo checking in every couple minutes with, “Can I help stuff it yet? Can I help stuff it yet? Can I help stuff it yet?” It took about three hours of Shawn the Sheep (a big family favorite) but I finally was able to answer “Yes!” There was much rejoicing. The Wee Bairn was both solemn and meticulous in stuffing the d20 and clung to me like a baby koala as I stitched the final seam. We had a jolly round of catch and the d20 has been firmly installed in the Wee Bairn’s nest ever since. I think I might have finally made something the kiddo really likes and I have a better idea how to make the other two d20 pillows I have cut out. Here is the d20 plush pillow:

Plushie d20 ready for critical cuddling success!

Have you gotten to do any sewing or crafting lately, dear pond reader? What kinds of creating are you working on?

Please, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, stay well, stay kind, and leave a comment or question below. Thanks for stopping by the pond today.

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2 thoughts on “Kiddo Sewing Fun

  1. Do you remember our Scottie dog defending you and your brother from the cloth “toy soldiers” that you stuffed with polyfiberfill when you, as a little girl were such a big help to me? And do you remember how both the Scottie and the Westie attacked your Christmas wooden shoes? Happy memories of holidays past. Little Big Guy will remember helping you and loving every minute. Fostering creativity is excellent, a loving way to empower young gentle people. Well done!!

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