Paints, Stickers, and Kid Fun Times

Greetings, dear pond readers! As promised in my last crafty post, I am going to share some of the painting crafts I did in 2020 with my kiddo. Like many people, I have had to juggle a lot of time with my Wee Bairn without any of us going too far into the situational depression quagmire that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. One of the key tools I’ve relied on is the healing creativity of paint. Early in 2020 I bought a giant pile of stretched canvases on sale, a bunch of non-toxic paint, and my folks got us a multi-pack of brushes. Those canvases were probably one of the best investments I’ve made during this entire ordeal. Now I’m not a trained visual artist but I’ve always found unstructured time mixing colors and laying down textures with brushes to be relaxing. Even though managing my preschooler and the performance artist tendencies of a child experimenting with how something feels on their belly versus their face or hands could be a lot at times and I did call Poison Control twice (they are so nice!), all that time painting made some of my favorite memories of the year. Painting time often proved an excellent way to settle down and talk for a few minutes away from a screen doing something collaborative. The Wee Bairn and I painted a lot of different canvases together out on the deck or in our kitchen. We discovered the difference between forehead prints and elbow prints, the way blue and green look with different brushes, and that when you drum the paint brushes on the canvas both the sound and the colors are extra fun. The canvases are now in the hands of different relatives as well as adorning our walls. A rotating set adorn the Wee Bairn’s room and it has been a joy to see. Here are some highlights.

Now as you might expect from the above gallery, painting time does require a certain amount of set up and take down that can be very time consuming. We also began to run low on canvases eventually. How to continue the fun? Stickers! I prepped some canvases of different sizes and wooden shapes with paint, gave my Wee Bairn a bunch of different stickers, and watched what the Wee Bairn put together from there. This approach proved particularly helpful during a couple specific times when I needed to finish a project while working from home with my favorite Wee Bairn coworker. The black canvas became an out of this world space vignette. The mini-heart canvases were painted and adorned with stickers by the Wee Bairn with lettering help by yours truly to make ornaments. The giant pine tree became a magical Christmas wall decoration. The gentle pine forest became a North Pole Gingerbread village. And the piece-de-resistance were a set of Christmas tree tabletop decorations. The space scene was entirely the Wee Bairn’s creation. For the Christmas decorations, I handed the Wee Bairn specific stickers and it was up to the Bairn’s artistic sense to put them on the piece. The Christmas tabletop decorations were especially fun because we decorated them as a whole family. Looking across the table to see my better half and my Wee Bairn carefully placing pom poms together was enchanting. The below gallery shows some of our masterpieces.

Seeing all those pictures in one spot, it is easier to focus on the fun rather than the frustrating parts. There were often tears at having to clean up as well as frustration that the kiddo tasted the colors or chewed the stickers. Some art tools were a bigger hit than others and every paintbrush inevitably became a pirate sword at some point in the proceedings. Nevertheless, I found painting with and for the Wee Bairn relaxing good fun on the whole and I look forward to continuing this year. Taking a deep breath, consciously choosing to have fun, and enjoying the process with the company rather than the product proved to be a helpful exercise in mindfulness. I may not always have been 100% effective at that but I think my average was pretty good. We have made a start on this year’s painting adventures with some mini-canvases and spring butterfly decorations for the window. We painted the butterflies together using the canvas as a backdrop and it made a really neato effect. Here is a gallery complete with final action shots.

Have you been using creativity to make it through some tough times? Are you experimenting with different techniques or media? Are you painting and parenting, too?

Please, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, stay well, stay kind, and leave a comment or question below. Thanks for stopping by the pond today.

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