Happy Headlines


Wingspan by E.A. Schneider

Salutations, dear pond readers! I know it has been awhile. As part of my bid to stay awake tonight to watch the exceptional Perseid Meteor Shower, I thought that I would share some nifty headlines with all of you.

This headline about a brilliant inventor from South Africa who developed a famine-combating super absorbent polymer from orange and avocado peels filled me with delight today. There’s nothing like the can-do spirit of a science literate inventor who actually figured out how to make her part of the world a better place to start your day off right.

In the entertainment world, I’m excited about a live action version of an anime that I very much enjoyed called Tiger & Bunny getting one step closer to being a live-action film.  Tiger & Bunny combines a few characteristics that I enjoy: superpowers, ensemble teamwork, dynamic action, buddy-comedy, and a hint of workplace style story-telling. The characters, the story, and the animation are all fantastic. There is also a satisfying emotional arc for the characters and that is something that anime fans don’t always get to enjoy with a show based on an ongoing manga or light novel series. I look forward to seeing how the live-action movie is developed.

The other entertainment story I’m pumped about is the news that the new Star Trek show on CBS, Star Trek: Discovery, will not only have a diverse cast headed by a female lead but will also take place in the prime universe. As pond readers well know, though I am a lifelong Trekkie, I do not care for the new J.J. Abrams’ films. When early reports on the possibility of a new TV series surfaced, I feared they would be set in the alternate Abrams’ universe and new generations would see the prime universe as a quaint curiosity. I think that a new show set in the 10 years before The Original Series makes perfect sense. Big idea, high-concept, character-driven sci-fi that is told with good action and good writing really shines the most in a long format like TV. That’s why I think Star Trek’s natural habitat will always be the small screen, even if I do enjoy good Star Trek movies. Here’s hoping that Fuller and team do the brand credit and all fans, new and old, can enjoy a good Trek to the stars for years to come.

Any news stories that you’re particularly excited about, dear pond readers? Please, leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by the pond!


Because dancing Picard makes everything an extra big party.


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