Editing blues

So, I’ve been busy editing things both fictional and non-fictional and it is always difficult. Writing is re-writing until you get it right or somebody you trust tells you to quit already. Revision is your friend as a writer and scientist, but dang is it tough. Yesterday I spent hours cutting a measly 784 words from a manuscript that I just got back from a beloved Beta reader. This was definitely one of those achievements that felt both exciting and excruciating. 784 words! Yay! 784 words. Yay…<insert weeping beside my pile of journals and laptop here>

Once again, blogger and author Daniel Swensen puts how I feel into words and pictures perfectly: A helpful piece of insight entitled: “The Comfortable Void.” I encourage you to check it out while I get back to battling my verbosity to make something decent. How are you doing, fellow writer pond readers? Any project(s) driving you to distraction? Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by the pond.


Unfurling possibilities by E.A. Schneider



6 thoughts on “Editing blues

  1. 1. Thank you for the link! I’m glad you like the piece.
    2. I’m afraid I have to be nitpicky here and say: Swensen*. There’s another author out there named Daniel Swenson who is not me… I have to do my part to make sure people keep us straight.

    Good luck with your editing!

  2. I sometimes think I may be even weirder than advertised. I love editing. Editing is my happy-place most of the time. The feeling of tweaking a word here, rearranging them there, and slicing them away with a rush that is half-fear, half exultation until the puzzle finally falls into place and the page says “now it works.”
    The active writing process flows like liquid, rushing out of my fingertips. But editing is a puzzle to be solved, and I’ve always loved puzzles.

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