The Temporal Advancement Phenomenological Paradox

I have recently discovered this delightful blog and I want to share it with you, dear pond readers. I found this particular post quite affecting and funny. Enjoy!

Kenotic Ledger

Let us ponder the paradoxically obvious. Alan Jacobs is a teacher who is older than his students. To wit:

In one of my classes we’re reading McLuhan’s Understanding Media, and today I called my students’ attention to this passage… I pointed out to them McLuhan’s implicit claim: that he stands in the same relation to the new electronic age as Tocqueville stood to “typographic man.” He is an acute observer of the world he is describing to us, but not a native of it, and his slight distance is the key to his perceptiveness. I asked them to be especially attentive to his metaphor of “the spell” – and then I told them, “Basically, McLuhan is applying for the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for our entire culture.”

Most of them looked blankly at me.

The deftness of his analogy demonstrates that Jacobs is likely…

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3 thoughts on “The Temporal Advancement Phenomenological Paradox

  1. Lol! My brother runs into this kind of thing. It’s hard to stay “up to date” when our culture has severe ADHD (I say this as someone who definitely has ADD) and keeps rushing on to the next new thing without remembering anything that came before. 😛

    • Yeah…I bring up movies and cultural events around people under 25 and they look at me like I’m nuts while I’m standing there twirling my silver hairs thinking, “But, that just came out!” Life moves way too fast sometimes.

      • It does, it does. My dad, on my showing him (proudly, as I like them) the gray streaks at my temples, told me I should run for Senate. XD
        I was terribly startled to see 80’s fashions “coming back.”

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