Sundry cool things

A few weeks ago I read an inspiring article about progress being made in the fight against white nose syndrome afflicting bats. You can read the article here and I highly encourage you to do so because it is pretty darn cool. Nothing comes from nothing. If you want scientific research to figure things out, you need to encourage researchers who do research and then reward their creativity. To me, that article exemplifies the principle that the more science is done, the more questions are asked, the more answers are uncovered, the more opportunities there are for applications to be found for seemingly disparate things that can make all the difference in critical issues. You never know where the answer you’re looking for might come from. A rich culture of diverse research helps ensure that there will be answers when we need them. Clearly, that article isn’t saying that the fight against white nose syndrome is over, it continues, but it is sure going to be a lot better for a lot of bats now thanks to some good science.

Last week, somebody sent me this beautiful link to the Oatmeal and it brought me to tears, in a good way. I kind of want to send it on to everyone in the world, so I am starting with my pond and all you wonderful readers. Sometimes it is really hard to remember the helpers in the world. Weeks like last week filled with terrible things make it especially difficult, but those are the times when we most need  to not only look for the helpers but stand up and help too rather than give in to fear. We’re all just falling in the sky, we need to help hold each other up while we can. And watch Star Trek. That’s helpful, too.

This week, I read this inspiring article about MS research into Myelin repair. Reading it gave me goosebumps. Right now, my MS isn’t troubling me too too much. I get by pretty darn well most of the time. But, the day will likely come when that stops being true. That day is not this day, though, and, thanks to the National MS Society supporting researchers like Dr. Salzer, for all I know when my body stops keeping pace with repairing my MS, I’ll be able to get some kind of myelin repair therapy that will help keep me mobile. That is really flipping cool. Thanks, dear pond readers, for supporting me and my fundraising earlier this year for team Nerds for A Cure for Walk MS. I was one of the top 100 individual fundraisers in my state, number 68 specifically, thanks to the support of everyone, near and far. Next year, we’ll see if I can crack the top 50 and together we will feed the researchers doing the research that gets the world closer to a cure. Who knows? Maybe the cure or the dream treatment will come as a result of research into bats or frogs or some plant or fungus or parasite I have never heard of before it turns out to be a life-safer. That’s the thing about science and the thing about this beautiful world, it is all connected.

Finally, on this Friday night I leave you with this incredibly cute GIF because everyone needs more cute in their lives. Thanks for stopping by, dear pond readers.

Ducks on the water by E.A. Schneider

Ducks on the water by E.A. Schneider


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