My Spirit Animal

I frequently joke about spirit animals. The animal in question varies with the needs of the moment and I often find it helpful to visualize the persistence of a snail crawling over a rock, the stoic grace of a tortoise, the I-do-not-even-care attitude of a skunk moseying along its way, depending on my mood. When it comes to writing, I have decided to claim the Brown Capuchin monkey as my spirit animal. This remarkable monkey has the foresight and tool use acumen to keep harvesting palm nuts, prepping them, toasting them in the sun, and cracking them open over days of work. When I saw this documentary talking about this incredible monkey I thought, “Eureka! This must be my writing spirit animal!” I also thought it was rather cute. But still, cuteness notwithstanding, I am dang impressed with how this monkey literally always has another nut toasting in the sun while it is prepping the nut after that one. I wish I could say the same about my writing. Writing is an incredibly time consuming process for me. I also tend to fixate on a story and just keep polishing it and polishing it to the exclusion of all else. That is not a winning strategy if one is to make a go of being a writer any more than obsessively preparing only one nut would be a successful strategy for a monkey. I have notes and notes and outlines for my main WIP based on my flash fiction, Cinderella’s Ghost, that I have been plugging away at pretty steadily. This is is great but, that WIP is a long term project and if I want to be a good monkey…er…writer, I need to get another nut toasting pronto. So, in the spirit of the brown capuchin monkey, I set myself the challenge that I would finish a brand new piece of short fiction this fall. Not a re-polish of something else, no writing prompt involved, just me, my journal, and my fountain pen. By gum I did it. I finished a first draft at the end of August. The 22 pages of fountain pen scrawl turned into 28 pages of double-spaced 12 point manuscript at ~7100 words. I call that a pretty respectable first draft. Now, I’m chipping away at the second draft, trying to stick that ending. Pesky endings, always slippery things. But, I don’t want to lose my momentum. I believe that I will attempt one or both of the following challenges: Almost an Inkling Creative Writing Contest courtesy of the splendid Jubilare and/or The First Line Literary Journal’s Winter prompt. Anybody with me, dear pond readers? After all, it doesn’t have to be November to get some social writing spirit going. Thanks for stopping by the pond today. May your ink and your ideas flow freely!

Sky is the limit! by E.A. Schneider

Sky is the limit! by E.A. Schneider

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