Seagull over Lake Michigan by E.A. Schneider

Seagull over Lake Michigan by E.A. Schneider

A big, super important thing happened yesterday, dear pond readers. I knew this big, super-important thing was going to happen since April and I have been bouncing about in anticipation of being able to tell you. Yesterday afternoon, a short story I wrote entitled “Valentine,”  was published under my pseudonym, E.A. Lawrence, in “Breath and Shadow” magazine in their Summer 2015 issue. I am rather proud of this story and have been looking for a home for it in fits and starts for many years. This is very exciting and I’m optimistic that it is only the start of things for my fiction. Thanks for sharing in my joy, dear pond readers, I hope you enjoy reading “Valentine” as well as the other splendid pieces featured in “Breath and Shadow.” Please, feel free to comment below and thanks for stopping by the pond.

Sturgeon Bay in Summer by E.A. Schneider

Sturgeon Bay in Summer by E.A. Schneider



10 thoughts on “Huzzaaaah!

  1. Awesomesauce! Wow!

    That is one chilling short story. May I ask where the idea came from? Though I know, sometimes, they just come and we don’t know why. Anyway… it’s fascinating and leave me wanting to know more about the narrator.

    • I’m so glad that you got so emotionally involved in “Valentine,” that is splendid. It is such a delightful chilling piece, I remember when I pulled it out of the drawer to re-visit for the first time in years I felt a lovely spine tingle upon my re-read. I took this as a propitious sign. 🙂

      Where did the idea come from? Well, I could probably write a rather self-indulgent blog piece about “Valentine” if you wish, and I would, but I fear you would find the convolutions of my brain unsatisfying. The short answer is a profoundly irritating one. I made it up out of whole-cloth. Valentine popped into my head one afternoon, I seized my journal, wrote it all down in a long, tortuous go with my favorite ink pen (I believe my first fountain pen in fact, a Waterman Phileas), sat back, and realized I had written something rather special. I tweaked it of course, I am a great believer in tweaking and revising, but Valentine is the only story I have ever written in 21 years of sustained writing that is more or less the same from the first draft to the final product. This irritates the hell out of me. 🙂

      But I’m ever so glad you liked it/connected with it. What did it mean to you? That is a far more interesting question to me. Thanks for reading!

      • That is always a good sign. I’ve bemoaned the fact that I can never truly see my own work from an outside perspective (, but there are those wonderful moments when I’ve left a piece so long that the distance gives me an approximation of what it might be to read it for the first time. The ones that really have something going on, too, are the best for that. Of course, there are also the ones that make me cringe, but cest la vie!

        If Valentine popped into your head, then it’s not whole-cloth, in my book. I don’t count the outpourings of the subconscious as inventions. That’s inspiration! A lot of my characters turn up that way… the best ones do, at least.
        Nothing I write ever leaves me without refining and tweaking… but there are a few that were tweaked very little. Of course, none of them are published, though, so this is something altogether different. Great stuff!

        Hm… well, first impression is that something is very strange about the narrator. His/her reaction to Valentine, the tone of her/his thoughts, something about it all is at least as chilling as Valentine himself. The echo of Valentine’s eyes and the narrators, the freezer full of meat, the lack of fear after the initial encounter are all hints that there is something more going on here, whether it be supernatural, or burgeoning insanity. I like it that the questions aren’t answered, too.

      • Yeah, it is hard to get that distance with a piece. Valentine sat in the drawer for a good four years but I probably could have come back to it after only one with the same effect.

        Valentine will forever irritate me precisely because I know it, as a piece of inspired creativity, is a fluke. It is highly improbable that I will ever have such another experience again. I frequently get ideas that I want to write down but they are snatches only, not an entire piece of beautiful weirdness, and there is something very vexing about knowing one won’t likely be able to replicate something. Oh well. I do enjoy the grit and effort of writing which is a saving grace.

        What an interesting interpretation! I think that is a very keen engagement of the narrator though I would never have guessed insanity as an explanation. I’m glad you liked the hanging questions, that is a relief. 🙂

  2. Replicate, no, but don’t write it off as just a fluke, either. Flows, like that, can’t be forced, but when they come, not everyone is able to recognize them or let them come out the way they should.
    You are obviously capable of both, and that means you can, and probably will, again. Some concatenation of circumstances will eventually produce the same effect again. In fact, I will be shocked if it doesn’t.
    Creativity doesn’t just spring out of nothing, and all your reading, writing, grit and work is what will eventually spin out another bit of pure inspiration, like this story. You probably won’t see it coming, either. Trust me. 😉


    • I sincerely hope that you are right and that, should such lightning strike again, I have the means to catch it with my pen and paper before it dissipates again. Lately, between my health and my work, I haven’t had any chance of writing. I hope that I can get back to my pages soon. I hope your WIP is going well!

      • Inspiration, like most things in life, seems to come and go. 🙂

        it’s going fairly well, though the new bit of flash fiction I posted is giving it a run for its money in the desire for attention department…

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