One Word At A Time

Blueberry flowers by E.A. Schneider

Blueberry flowers by E.A. Schneider

I am making steady progress on my WIP based on this piece of flash fiction.  As of tonight, I am up to page 60 and 16,670 words. My momentum on this novella, which I’ve written about before, has been fantastic. I am so excited to be making progress, and I feel like I’m learning a lot as I go. Working on this project it has struck me anew how much work is involved with writing. I realize this might sound facile, but, I think the work of writing is something that gets overlooked all too often. For me, I am locked in daily combat with my schedule to get in a minimum of 10 minutes of power writing a day on this project. Then, if I manage to achieve the time, I find myself plugging away, word after word, to get through a scene so that I can eventually get to the big moments. Those ten minutes of laying down words like so much track for a train are an effort that leaves me pleasantly tired in that way you feel tired after climbing that last steep bit of hill. Part of me is bored by the basics of someone going across a hallway or opening a door and I’m tempted to skip ahead, but, then I remember, if I do that, I risk missing nifty moments and losing logical continuity that will make revising an unholy headache. So I have to force myself to be disciplined, stick with the story, follow the logic, and see what happens next. This is tough stuff, but when I look at where I am on my page count and my outline, I find myself grinning like mad, just itching to write more. I’m getting there, dear pond readers, one word at a time.

How are you doing on your WIPs? Please, leave a comment below and thanks for joining me here at the pond, dear readers.

Spring Iris by E.A. Schneider

Spring Iris by E.A. Schneider


3 thoughts on “One Word At A Time

  1. You capture a lot of the same ups and downs I experience. My muse has been chewing on me steadily of late (that’s how the #$%*@$^&* motivates me…) which is a good thing, and I am making progress. My biggest problem is that I don’t know where, exactly, the current book ends. 😛

    If you ever need/want a beta-reader, I’d be happy to oblige! And if you ever want to prod my WIP, I love getting new perspectives on it.

    • I’m glad that my post speaks to your experience and that I’m not the only one on this narrative roller coaster. Do you know the feeling you want to end your WIP on? That can help if you can visualize that.

      Thanks for the Beta-reader offer, I will keep it in mind. I would love to read your WIP sometime but I am not in a position to commit right now, maybe when I get some of my current commitments off my plate. Keep writing though, Jubilare, you’ll figure that ending out yet. 🙂

      • Oh, I know where the story ends, or a story, if stories have endings… it is where the breaks in it fall that puzzle me. It is going to be too long for one book. Hopefully, if I keep going I will find some natural breaks.
        It’s funny, I don’t think about the feel of the ending so much as the feel of the journey. I write, mostly, to capture and communicate a certain feeling, but the ending is something that naturally follows the characters, I think. 🙂

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