Homemade Fox Mask & Ears

Happy belated Halloween, dear readers! I hope you had an enchanted holiday with good friends and yummy snacks. I had a lovely holiday. I got to go outside my comfort zone to attend a party for which I made a simple fox costume. Picture time!


Homemade fox mask and ears by E.A. Schneider

Homemade fox mask and ears by E.A. Schneider

I layered red, white, and black felt on a mask base from JoAnn. I used tacky glue to layer the pieces and give the snout piece some dimensionality. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the glue dried and how well it all held together. I made up the pattern except for the eyebrows and the white in the ears which I got from here and here. I layered the ear felt on top of green floral wire. I wrapped the wire around a simple black headband and it worked amazingly well. I liked  how I could tilt and angle the ears when I wore them.

Action shot:

Simple fox costume in action by E.A. Schneider

Simple fox costume in action by E.A. Schneider

I got the question a lot that night about whether this was a “What the Fox says,” costume. It’s not. As entertaining as that youtube video is, I just really like Vulpes vulpes a lot. Long time visitors to the pond might remember my flash fiction pieces featuring foxes from here and here. Foxes are just cool! They are the ultimate survivors. They can adapt to every environment, every circumstance, and persist, that is pretty darn amazing.

Thanks for visiting the pond, dear readers!


3 thoughts on “Homemade Fox Mask & Ears

      • I do! It is one thing to do what I do, which is play with materials and hope/pray they come out interesting. It is different to actually aim to create a persona, and then to execute it so well! That is what you have done, here. This shouts “fox!” to me, and I love it.

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