Versatile Blogger Award

This week I received a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from Elaine of rainyleaf, a beautiful blog with lots of neat info and beautiful pictures about plants. I regularly read rainyleaf, discovering Elaine’s blog was one of the perks of getting a post Freshly Pressed. Thank you for the nomination, Elaine! I’m very flattered and grateful to have you as a reader and to be a reader of yours.

So apparently there are rules that go with this award. They are as follows from the Versatile Blogger Award blog:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Now I must pause and confess something to you all, something about which I feel rather chagrined. I do not actually read that many blogs. I know. This is crazy talk. There’s this whole great community and all these talented people and I really do not have any good excuse. I have excuses, mind you, they just aren’t very good. Excuse #1 is of course the fact that for most of the year that I have been blogging I was struggling to write a thesis. These little blog posts were my little breath of air before diving back into the sea of data that was my life. I didn’t really take a lot of time to read and what time I did I spent reading books rather than internet content. Only now that I’m done and procrastinating online more often whilst looking for scientist postings am I taking time to explore the wide world of blogging. Since I have been actually working really hard at trying to find work (this is the promised Excuse #2 b.t.w) I haven’t actually been reading a whole heck of a lot of blogs. Here, during the paragraph break, I hang my head in a moment of shame.

However, I see this as an opportunity to get exploring in earnest in order to fill up all 15 nomination slots. I’m not assigning a timetable to this but I am motivated to spread the blog button joy. For now, I will content myself with awarding the blog button to bloggers whose updates I look forward to and read on as regular a basis as I read anything online. Enjoy!


  1. Surly Muse — a fantastic blog about writing done by a very talented writer. His blog kicks my butt in the best sense, indicting writing faults and exhorting one to just keep writing no matter what. In short, it’s awesome and you should read it.
  2. The Very Hungry Bookworm— a fun blog about books and the food it inspires Lauren to make after reading them. It is fun food for thought (pun purely intentional).
  3. PhotoBotos —a great blog featuring wonderful photography and information about photography equipment. I love seeing the imagery they showcase.
  4. Year-Struck —this blog is by turns funny and poetic. I look forward to reading every post.
  5. TreasuryIslands —a blog I enjoy which talks about nursery rhymes, censorship, fairy tales, feminism, and children’s stories with a fascinating perspective and attention to detail. A good read.
  6. Hot Femme Writing in NYC —This blog is funny, well-written, and I have learned more about LGBTQ related things than I ever knew before from reading it. Sidebar, I loved the episode of Sex and the City she is paraphrasing in her title; the fact that she chose this particular title only adds to the goodness.
  7. T.B.D.
  8. T.B.D.
  9. T.B.D.
  10. T.B.D.
  11. T.B.D.
  12. T.B.D.
  13. T.B.D.
  14. T.B.D.
  15. T.B.D.

Honorable Mentions

So the following blog is one I frequently read the blog of Robin McKinley who is one of my very favorite authors (she writes about women who do things and have fantastic adventures! it doesn’t get awesomer!) and her blog is so much fun but she’s famous so…yeah, I really don’t have a better reason than that.

7 Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Me, Ellen, the keeper of the Pond

  1. My favorite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
  2. I really really like taking pictures of fungi and beach flotsam. I think they are cool, underrated subjects of photography.
  3. I only just found out that I’ve been threading my sewing machine completely wrong for about the last five years. I guess God must love me since I haven’t broken the thing and those user manuals are really worth reading and keeping in a safe spot. Ooopsies!
  4. I squeeze from the middle of the toothpaste tube because I feel like it.
  5. I despise mowed lawns. Give me wildflowers and rock gardens any day.
  6. I drink tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (Bonus imaginary gold star for you if you get the reference there!)
  7. I write with a fountain pen, real ink, and actual paper; it’s how I roll. Someday I’m sure you’ll be treated to a special post entitled “Ode to my Phileas, how I love you so,” about my fabulous pen.

Forest fungus by E.A. Schneider Huzzah! for fungi.


9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. it was fun finding out more about you, I too love Jane Eyre (oh, the classics!), hate lawns and love lichen! Good luck with your job hunt, tell us when you find the perfect one!

  2. The real acid test is to see who recognizes “Milk, warm, dash of nutmeg.” 🙂
    Once I asked a friend of mine for tea. The conversation went something like this:
    Me: Tea!
    Friend: What do you say?
    Me: may I please have some tea?
    Friend: No. What do you say?
    Me: …tea, Earl Grey, hot.
    Friend: that’s right.
    Me: but I don’t want Earl Grey!
    Friend: too bad.

    Much belated congratulations, and I agree about photographing fungi. I do that all the time…

  3. No one-upping involved, as you got the reference! You have satisfied me as to your nerd-cred. 😉

    No, indeed. I take bits from other peoples yards and propagate them in my own… I am a fungi-bandit!

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