Technicolor Anniversary!

The Dreamer by E.A. Schneider (This is my favorite piece of my 2012 photography. Here’s to the wonderful moments I will catch on camera in the next nine months!)

Dear Readers of the Technicolor Lily Pond, yesterday was a special day. Specifically it was the one year anniversary of my first post on this blog and today I’m feeling the need to joyfully ponder this year. In the last twelve months I’ve posted 51 entries. In the spirit of my technicolor attitude toward life I have blogged about books, crafts, my creative fiction, and of course my beloved photography. I’ve had a post listed as Freshly Pressed, shared my crafting adventures, written crafting tutorials, launched a Zazzle store of my photography, and invited you into the realm of my short fiction. Most importantly I’ve been honored to attract some wonderful readers who write fantastic blogs that I feel privileged to read. It’s been a heckuva a year here at the pond as well as in my off-screen reality. I’m happy to have shared it with you, dear reader,  and I thank you for being here at the pond with me. Let’s raise our teacups and coffee mugs high to toast another year of technicolor fun at the pond! I hope you’ll continue to join me in the adventure.

Poetry in motion by E.A. Schneider


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