Anime Craftiness

I confess. I love anime. I wasn’t always this way. In middle and high school I looked askance at the art style. I disliked Sailor Moon intensely and therefore wrote off all interest in the medium. Oh the foolishness of youth. Only during undergrad when I discovered adult swim and enthusiastic anime-loving friends did I reinvestigate anime. Since this awakening I have become a spirited anime fan who has watched and re-watched dozens of titles. The storytelling, the characters, and the art of anime all combine to make it a wonderful experience. I love it. This last weekend I got to go to my first anime convention. Now I’m not built for cosplay. Trust me, nobody wants to see me in a schoolgirl sailor suit. But half the fun of a convention, any convention, is dressing up and wearing your nerd colors with pride. So what’s a crafty girl to do? Mwahahahahaha. Craft of course! I decorated shirts for me, my hubby, and our friend. Unfortunately I only have pictures of two of them but that’s okay.

My shirt featuring Lum, the heroine of Urusei Yatsura

The moogle shirt I decorated 

I used Printed Treasures brand printable iron-on fabric sheets to make these decorations. It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out pretty sharp.

Furthermore, I crafted a tiny little purse and wallet set to wear around the convention and later to see the Studio Ghibli film, Arrietty, that premiered this weekend here in the States. I used this pattern available for free from All People

Front of my anime bag. It is decorated with pins I picked up at the convention as well as iron-on images of both Lum and the totoro from the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Back of my anime bag. Notice the iron-on image of another Urusei Yatsura character, Kotatsu Neko.

Bag interior. Look! I actually successfully attached my first magnetic purse clasp ever.

For the matching wallet I made up the design in under an hour. I used scraps of batting and fabric and interfacing. I had no real idea what I was doing but I think it turned out pretty sharp.

Wallet front.

Wallet back

Wallet interior

Wallet opened up.

I quilted the top and backing fabric using a diamond pattern. It was good practice. I used fusible interfacing wrapped in the butterfly backing fabric to make the wallet divider. I added the lace for that extra touch of glitz. It actually is really light and fits well in my pocket.

Since I was getting purse crafty anyway I wound up making another cute little purse using the same pattern.With this second bag I was trying to go for a bit of a steampunk vibe. I might embellish it with some more gear style beads eventually. I haven’t decided yet.

Steampunk (ish) purse.

I decorated the fabric with a soft color iron on transfer of a crow because I just love corvids.

Back of purse

Interior of purse. Look! I managed to do the magnetic snap closure again!

So there you have my anime nerd craftiness. Making this lot was a lot of fun and it was great wearing it around the convention. A lot of the cosplay was incredible, it was fun to shop the booths, and we got to hear a really interesting panel about voice acting. Arrietty is a wonderful film. The artistry of the animation took my breath away, the characters were well performed, and I absolutely love the music. All in all it was a wonderful weekend of nerdy fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of craftiness.


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