The tree of yo-yos

This wall-hanging has been brewing in my fevered imagination for over a year. I’ve worked on it off and on in stages for months. Over 60 different yo-yos were used to construct the tree-top. I used every size circular yo-yo maker made by Clover to make my yo-yos. I also made a point of using as many different green prints as possible.

My yo-yo tree wall-hanging by E.A. Schneider

I started this project by embroidering texture onto the tree trunk. This took a long time. Β It also proved to me the absolute necessity of working in bright light since I had embroidered two long rows of stem stitch down the tree trunk in maroon rather than brown before I turned on the light and noticed the difference. There was much swearing. Yet, I think the effect actually works, providing depth to the bark of the tree so I didn’t rip it out. Also, I don’t rip.

Close-up of trunk with owl bead of coolness

This project also became an excuse to play with beads. Being a beader I have lots of very pretty beads that I may or may not ever get to use. Most of the beads and buttons used in the tree canopy are odd bits and leftovers from other projects. I love the sparkle they lend to the tree. After all, trees do rather shimmer and sparkle on a sunny day.

Close-up of the beaded canopy

My singing soaring lark bead has found a home!

For the final touch of whimsy I added rick rack, beads, buttons, and still more yo-yos to the bottom to make a flower bed. Of course there is my signature frog button waving happily from the tree roots.

Flowers and butterflies. Note the owl ribbon, it is too hypnotically cute.

Flowers and butterflies with a happy frog

The back has a pocket for me to add a dowel rod if necessary. The whole wall hanging is fairly heavy so one will no doubt prove useful. This project was a lot of fun to work on and it is a definite breath of summer fun during winter. I hope it makes you smile!

Just the canopy of green


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4 thoughts on “The tree of yo-yos

  1. I love this tree! It’s fun to see the beautiful art that grows out of our imaginations. I can see how much work you put in….it paid off! Thanks for sharing. The world needs more trees πŸ™‚

  2. What a happy tree!! Thanks so much!! And, yes, I’m smiling–as all trees do make me smile, but such creative triumphs certainly make me smile. Your owl brings happy thoughts of the late Reverend Fred Rogers–“Mr Rogers”–to mind. Happy thoughts, happy times indeed. Again, thanks so much!

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