Creative Resolutions

It is the second week of January so doing a blog post about New Year’s resolutions might seem a bit behindhand. C’est la vie. I’ve already blogged about how I struggle with punctuality. The point of doing a post about New Year’s resolutions isn’t really to be first out of the gate on January 1st. The whole point is accountability, having a record to point to in times of weakness and dithering, a metaphorical North Star by which to steer. I always have a lot of goals. This might even be one of my virtues, a drive to keep pushing myself towards that next horizon. That’s all well and good. This year, instead of having a vague list of out-of-focus hopes as regards my creative endeavors,  I am going to be bold and actually record in public some specific goals. Don’t fret, friends and relatives, the list is very short. I’m being decisive, not insane.

Autumn Canopy by E.A. Schneider

Creative Resolutions for 2012

#1: Finish a 1st draft of a new story.

#2: Finish at least one quilt project that I’ve been dragging around in pieces.

#3: Read at least 30% of my reading list

#4: Blog more about all of the above and whatever else I fancy, at least three posts a month.

There they are in black and white. I’ve made some progress already in the last few weeks. I’m writing on two new stories. This is huge. During my thesis-work I mostly pecked and fidgeted with notes on existing fiction projects. That’s fine as far as it goes. Planning characters and plots is important. But one can only do outlines for so long, after a certain point you have to wrestle words onto the page so you have something to revise and mold into an actual story. It’s a long process, it’s a process I actually really like, and it is high time I started it afresh with something new. Yes, I do really want to finish some older projects that I’ve been hunting and pecking at but the way I figure, I’ve worked on them this long, I’m not going to quit now and they aren’t going away. It’s just that I think it would be good for me to actually finish something fictional, something new, just to prove that I can. I wrote a blooming Master’s thesis. Intellectually, I know that I am capable of writing anything I set my mind to. Now I need to prove it to myself with something tangible that I can hand to my husband and say, “Edits, please!”

This weekend I attacked a quilt project I’ve been dragging around for three years. It was in a massive bedding bag that weighs 30 pounds at least. I’m tired of dragging this bag around. It was a “super easy,” project for crying out loud! Having had enough, I started cutting like a mad woman this weekend.

My massive pile of quilt pieces. Don’t give me scissors…

I’ve got  a bunch sewn on this project now. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the top pieced by the weekend. I’m even making progress on my reading list, and I’m already at three posts for January here at the pond. The way I figure it, if I can check off the four things on that list above in a timely manner then that just means I can make a new list. Wouldn’t that be something special?

Prairie spider in the sky by E.A. Schneider


6 thoughts on “Creative Resolutions

  1. oh gosh, you MUST MUST make that quilt. Those cute little squares of fabric are totally screaming to be made into a quilt! “sew me, sew me” I can hear it all the way from NYC!

    • Heehehehe. I’m glad that the siren call of fabric is piercing other ears besides mine. I have 141 blocks done. Only 27 more to go on the top. Progress is being made. Thanks for the encouragement, Natasiarose, and for the initial inspiration.

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