Tutorial: Yo-yo Snowman!

As my gift to all my readers I hereby present a tutorial of how to make my yo-yo snowman Christmas ornament. Enjoy!


Supplies you will need include: three stuffed yo-yos (Clover jumbo, extra-large, and small made of white cotton, stuffed with poly-fiberfil), one extra-large sparkly button, one large sparkly button, one red button, a small jingle bell, a short length of holiday ribbon, fleece scraps (one thin and long and one thick rectangle that can wrap loosely around the large yo-yo), black embroidery floss, white hand-quilting thread, needles, scissors, and blue hand-quilting thread.

  1. Sew the buttons on the yo-yos using white hand-quilting thread. Affix the extra-large button to the jumbo yo-yo, the large button to the extra-large yo-yo, and the red button to the large yo-yo

    Yo-yos with buttons affixed

    2. Using white hand-quilting thread, stitch the yo-yos together being careful to overlap them slightly. When sewing the top or head yo-yo on I also stitch the ribbon hanger on the back. See pictures below.

    First two yo-yos stitched together

    All three yo-yos sewn together with ribbon hanger

    3. Embroider the eyes and smile onto the snowman head (the top large yo-yo). I can’t say that I’m a particularly accomplished embroidery artist. I am not good with French knots so I just sort of do a cross-hatch for each eye using small stitches and I take small stitches in a smile under the red button. I think small seed beads would also look super cute. See pictures below.

    Eyes with smile

    Slightly more close-up of face

    4. Accessory time! The snowman looks cold so I add a hat and scarf set using small scraps of blue fleece. First, I make the hat by folding over the small rectangle of fleece and stitching up the side using blue hand-quilting thread. Then I gather the top of the hat using a running stitch and pulling it tight. Now, turn the hat right-side out. Stitch the jingle bell to the top of the hat like a pom-pom. I also like to fold the bottom up for that extra bit of stylish flair. See pictures below.

    If you look carefully, you can see how the hat stitches have been gathered at the top. Knot threads tightly.

    Finished snowman hat, complete with jingle bell

    For the scarf, I like to snip the ends so it has a fringed look. Then I wrap it round the snowman’s neck and stitch it down with a couple of tack stitches. I do the same for the hat. See pictures below.

    Stitching on the scarf. I used the blue hand-quilting thread for adding the accessories.

    A complete, all dressed up, yo-yo snowman ornament by E.A. Schneider

    Just tie any last knots, snip the threads, and you’re done with your beautiful yo-yo snowman ornament. Any constructive comments on this tutorial would be great and I would love to see any pics of any yo-yo snowman you make.

    Finished snowman close-up by E.A. Schneider

Thanks for stopping by the pond, dear readers, and happy crafting!


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