Christmas Crafts 2011: Part III, the tasty conclusion

Here is the exciting conclusion to this year’s round of Christmas crafting at the Technicolor Lily Pond. Ornaments and Christmas cookies were the final components of my Christmas plan this year. A lot of people got an ornament with a card and a bunch of cookies or snack mix or other small-nifty-thing I thought they would like.   Believe it or not, I actually really like making Christmas ornaments by hand. It makes me happy to have busy little hands that actually produce something tangible and immediate. It is probably the instant-gratification factor. I can spend 15-30 minutes at work, whilst watching a program, and behold! At the end of it I have a something, an ornament, which I can hold up and say to myself (and often my long-suffering husband): “It is finished and it is good. And cute!” He usually nods his head patiently in response.

I have two strategies for making ornaments. Strategy #1 is to fussy-cut something from a fabric, sandwich it with ribbon & batting scraps, and back it with a holiday fabric to get a super simple cute ornament. I also used a bunch of pre-printed little fabric ornament kits that I purchased many years ago in an after-Christmas sale. These were great, I just had to cut them out, stitch them, and stuff them.

Birdhouse fabric ornaments

The big pile of homemade hand-sewn fabric Christmas ornaments.

The fish ornaments and the Scottie dog ornament pictured above are cut from novelty fabric and stuffed like the birdhouse ornaments above. The little space star I designed myself and I think it turned out cute. The rest pictured came from the pre-printed sets I mentioned above.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am a big fan of sewing yo-yos for fun to use in diverse crafty projects.Yo-yos are the foundation for strategy #2: make something cute with yo-yos and buttons. I’ve made wallhangings and ornaments out of yo-yos before and posted them in earlier blogs (I am a BIG fan of yo-yos). This year I made only a handful of yo-yo ornaments but I got more experimental. The two pictured below were made using oval yo-yos (I used the Clover yo-yo maker). I added small yo-yos to the one on the left as well for holly berries. I also added buttons, ribbon, and jingle bells as embellishment. I think they look really cute.

Yo-Yo Christmas wreaths by E.A. Schneider

Yo-yo Christmas tree ornament by E.A. Schneider

Above you can see a little yo-yo ornament I made of a Christmas tree. I’ve seen ideas for these floating around in one form or another on the internet. I only used a lightly stuffed yo-yo from the jumbo size Clover yo-yo maker to the extra small size. The “trunk” is made of two brown plastic buttons with a brown glass bead sandwiched in-between.

Now for my cutest yo-yo ornament to date: a yo-yo snowman!

Yo-Yo snowman ornament I designed by E.A. Schneider

Yo-Yo snowman ornament close-up by E.A. Schneider

I think the snowman ornament pictured above is one of the cutest things that I have ever made. As my Christmas gift to you, dear readers, I have compiled a tutorial of how to make this cute little ornament. Enjoy!

Finished snowman close-up by E.A. Schneider

My masterpiece of ornaments: the TARDIS! Being a Doctor Who fan who is privileged to know other Doctor Who fans I was thrilled when I came across this fabric on It screams many nerdy awesome craft projects to me which I will hopefully complete  during 2012 and post here for your enjoyment. Until then, feast your eyes upon the coolest blue box in the universe.

Three little TARDIS' all in a row by E.A. Schneider

The universe is the backing fabric

A TARDIS close-up by E.A. Schneider

Making the TARDIS ornaments was simple. I fussy-cut the police box from the fabric I linked to above. I bordered it with a space-themed fabric from my stash. I layered this with batting and the uber-cool universe fabric, stitched it round, turned it right-side out, and quilted all three layers together with blue thread. I was really excited to use my blue sparkly tartan ribbon. It had been waiting in my stash for a year to be a part of this project. I mean, what is more Doctor Who than the color blue and plaid just always reminds me of K-9’s dog collar. As a final touch, I used a bead of glow-in-the-dark puff paint as the flashing light on the top of the box.

Finally, here are some Christmas cookie pictures just because I had fun making them and they are super cute in my opinion.

Christmas cookies! Complete with the Christmas frog.

Christmas Frog close-up. Yes, I am a herpetologist with holiday spirit.

More Christmas cookies

These have mint sprinkles. Mmmm....minty...

How many did I make again?

So there you have it, dear readers. That is everything I made this Christmas (that I remembered to photograph anyway) for people on my list. It was a lot of work. My fingers were sore. Glitter seems to be permanently affixed to my skin despite countless showers. Three words though: totally worth it. I had a lot of fun and more importantly everybody seemed happy with what they got. I’m already scheming about next year.

Post-holidays I am catching up on my craft backlog, reading, and writing fiction among other things. Hopefully I’ll be doing more blog posts in the near future on those subjects. Until then, dear readers, happy crafting and thanks for joining me here at the pond.


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