Christmas Crafts 2011: Part I

Welcome to the week after Christmas, dear readers. I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to breathe. At last I have uploaded pictures of my crafty labors this holiday season for your viewing enjoyment. I am going to break these up into three entries just to make things a little less overwhelming.

First up I present my brilliant plan for efficient but awesome gifts this year: coffee cup cozies. You know, those sleeve things you use on coffee instead of the cardboard ones they give you. You can save the Earth and personalize your coffee drinking experience even more than you already do.

Here be pictures:

Space coffee cozies. Yes, that is in fact fabric featuring the surface of the moon. It is as awesome as it sounds.


The back of the space coffee cozies


Coffee cozies for a friend


The back of the coffee cozies for a friend

Coffee cozies for my folks. Notice the incredibly awesome buttons. I'm kind of obsessed with them.

The lining of the coffee cozies for my folks.

To make these gems of caffeine addiction accessories I used the pattern from All People Quilt only without all that quirky appliqué. My fabric stash contents are so way cooler than any quirky appliqué. Also, I have minimal patience for appliqué involving tiny things and tight corners. I used scraps of fusi-boo batting for the interior. I knew that saving them would come in handy for something other than packing coffee cups. Mwa hahahaha! The cozies are a little on the large side but that’s okay. The cozies should do the job of keeping hot beverages hot and human fingers comfortable. This pattern was great because I could cut out a bunch at once, pin them, and then use chain sewing (feeding the next thing to sew under the presser foot without lifting the needle or cutting the thread) on my machine to do the assembly. It was fast and efficient. I think the pattern could be easily modified to make sleeping masks as well.

Readers, let us get some discussion going. Did any of you find that perfect pattern or gift that was great for a bunch of people on your gift list?

Stay tuned for more crafting pictures.



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