Cute little Crafts

Hello again, dear readers! Quick post today of some crafty cuteness.

Sleeves and Bags

I have come to the conclusion after years of tears that technology does not, generally speaking, like me. My recently purchased Mac laptop might be changing my mind though as it seems to work smoothly and in a user-friendly way. Having typed that, I am vigorously knocking on a nearby wood chair. Yes, when it comes to technology, I am unabashedly superstitious. To protect my precious new laptop in a more practical way I put together this laptop sleeve using scraps of batting and fabric from my stash.

Butterfly Laptop Sleeve by Ellen Schneider

I didn’t use a pattern. I simply measured my laptop’s dimensions, cut fabric strips to cover those dimensions, and got sewing. For quilting I just did stitch in the ditch of the strips and then I outlined some of the butterflies with rough squares so they have a stamp-esq look. For closure I used self-adhesive velcro circles reinforced with tacky glue. It’s not perfect but for a prototype I think it turned out pretty well, it does the job, and most importantly it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I loved the color combo so much that I did a modified mini version to hold my much used and abused point-and-click digital camera.

Camera cover by Ellen Schneider

It is a little baggy to hold extra batteries and memory cards. I used velcro and tacky glue on this as a closure too. So cute!


When my little sis-in-law told me that her pincushion was falling apart I jumped at the chance to make her a super scrappy one just for her.

Scrappy pincushion #1 by Ellen Schneider

Back of Scrappy Pincushion #1

But why stop at one when you can make two?

Pinwheel scrappy pincushion by Ellen Schneider

And why stop at two when you can make a stuff sack gift bag using a perfect fat quarter?

Drawstring gift sack

I can’t think of a reason in the world. Luckily, she likes them. Enjoy, dear readers, and happy crafting.


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