Quillow Craziness

I love making quillows for people I care about. This summer I have sent off several to people who are totally awesome and the last care box I put together reached its destination last week. So here they are! The cuddly quillows I made this summer for your viewing enjoyment.

Quillow for Ranaroo by Ellen Schneider

I made this quillow for my cousin as a happy unbirthday gift. She loves shades of blue & teal and Celtic things so I used a bunch of fabrics from my stash and went nuts making her this. It is ~16″ square and sewn to a manufactured blue microfiber blanket. I just quilted it using stitch-in-the-ditch.












In progress shot on the ironing board.


Here is a dynamic action shot of the finished quillow front on the ironing board about to be pressed and starched.








A close-up of the quilted quillow front.


Just another shot so you can see the fabrics. The backing fabric is that teal dove fabric that frames the Celtic heart.  I love these Celtic squares and that flying cat. I’ve used them in other projects and I’m happy I won’t be running out of them any time soon.







New York, New York Quillow front by Ellen Schneider


Here is a shot of the freshly quilted New York, New York Quillow I made for some dear friends of mine.  New York is a very special place to them and in honor of their anniversary/marriage I made them this. It took forever because, being well-intentioned me, I made the project very complicated as you shall shortly see.  The Quillow front was quilted with glow-in-the dark thread which hopefully adds a bit of extra glitz.






The backing fabric to the NY, NY quillow by Ellen Schneider



Here is the back view of the quillow foot pocket sewn to the purple manufactured microfiber blanket I used. My friends love classic movies so this backing fabric was picture perfect.







The finished NY, NY quillow in pillow form.


Here it is all folded up as a nice poofy pillow and looking very smart. I do think it turned out really cute.









I added some applique shapes to the blanket side of the NY,NY quillow using glow in the dark thread. Fun!

Now, dear Readers, you will see how I made this simple well-meant project way too complicated. Not content to simply do my usual routine of sewing the quilted pocket to a blanket, I wanted to decorate the blanket with fun NY,NY themed shapes and glow in the dark thread. This took a really long time, gobs of work, and dare I say it? Lots of grumbly swearing. The main problem was the glow in the dark thread rather than my actual design. Perhaps if I had been my usual investigative self I would have come across some info about the durability (or lack thereof) of this thread. But I was impulsive and sallied forth unafraid to experiment. The thread snapped. A lot. My patience eventually snapped as well and after soldiering through a symmetrical number of little shapes I beat a tactical retreat from glow in the dark thread and finished the project with nice reliable white thread with no further problems. I was dismayed to find out that my Beetles flowers looked less like flowers and more like irregular amoeba-esq blobs. Somehow an amoeba didn’t quite say “romantic present” to my mind so in an effort to make them more flowery I used contrasting Beetle fabric to make large yo-yo centers to sew in the middle. I think it helped. A little. Maybe.



My amoeba-esq Beetles flower.

It is certainly funky.









The heart of the project.

So romantic!!












A skyscraper zig-zag stitched to the blanket.

Nothing says the big city like a big asymmetrical building.













Taxi cab!

I gotta say, I do really like how the taxi-cabs came out. It took a lot of trial and error to make a cardboard template for it that I actually thought looked like a car but I think it works.


All whining about thread aside, I did have an inordinate amount of fun making this project for my friends. Getting the fabrics, designing the look, and making all the pieces took a lot of planning and I reveled in every step. Thankfully they like it. Huzzah!




I made a pair of quillows for my friend, W., in honor of her wedding in May and wonder of wonders I actually got one of them done on time for the special day. Huzzah! She got the second one in the mail within a couple weeks I am happy to say and the couple loves them. Yup, I’m a happy crafter. Now for pictures of Whit’s Turtle Pond (if I ever sell this pattern that’s what it is called):

More turtle pond fun! by Ellen Schneider

I embroidered the eyes and nostrils on the turtle faces and they all look a little bit different. Variation in the population! I top stitched the shell details using an olive green thread with a zig-zag stitch. Then I zig-zagged each turtle to the four-patch block. I also outline quilted round each turtle so they have a bit of poof when you see them in person.









Turtle pond fun! by Ellen Schneider

In the background of this picture you can see the blue cotton storage sack I made for my friend to store both of these quillows in. It is basically a glorified pillow case with a blue ribbon drawstring. She could probably use it for storing almost anything she wants.










Turtle close-up by Ellen Schneider. This one was done with raw-edge applique.

Here’s a close-up of one of the cute little turtles.  I designed the pattern myself I am proud to say. It is pretty time-consuming to do but really fun and my friend is totally worth it. I will probably use these little turtles in many projects to come being the crafty herpetologist I am.










Turtle pond backing fabric!

Here is the backing fabric I used for both turtle pond quillows. It’s such a happy marshy scene and perfect habitat for a lot of my & Whit’s favorite herps.









Mom's Tea Party quillow by Ellen Schneider

I made this quillow for my mom for mother’s day this year. I have several pictures that I’m going to use in a quillow making tutorial in the coming days so stay tuned.








Dad's quillow back and homemade fleece blanket.











Dad's quillow! I outline quilted the fish, mountain, and water in the picture.

That does it for quillow pictures for now. I made another quillow that I plum forgot to photograph. If the recipient sends me a pic I will update this post with the quilted fishy cuteness I made for my dad for father’s day.  My dad sent me a picture which you can see above. It was fun experimenting with the quilting and I like how his turned out. Happy crafting and creating!


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