Jewelry and Accessory Fun

Having long ago taken the principle of 364 unbirthdays to heart, I have been a busy elf this summer making presents for people. My last care box reached its destination last week so I can at last start posting pictures of my crafty creations. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of some of the things I made for people this summer but at least you can see some pictures that I actually did remember to snap.

We begin with jewelry.

Autumn Splendor jewelry set made of semi-precious stone, glass, and freshwater pearls.

A few months ago I went on a jewelry making spree in preparation for a) presents and b) a fun part-time job interview. Though the business went with someone else I had gobs of fun busting through my bead stash to spoil some of my favorite women. The Autumn Splendor set was made just for my mom for her birthday. I really had fun making it for her. I wish the picture had better lighting but you can at least get a sense for some of the color and design. Someday I hope to make jewelry to sell but until then I will just keep practicing with presents.

Leaves and Stone set. Stone and glass beads.

This Leaves and Stone set was a present from me to myself. It was my unbirthday after all. I really love these leaf beads and the focal bead kind of changes color in different lights the longer I wear it.

Purple Fun set. Mixed glass and semi-precious stone beads.

The Purple Fun set of two necklaces, a bracelet, and earrings was a birthday present for my awesome mother in law. Again, the pictures kind of wash out the color but they are all warm purples with touches of iridescence.







Bracelet closeup of the Purple Fun set.



I’m really proud of how the chain work with a charm bead turned out on the bracelet. I think it looks more finished and cute while being easier to clasp.








Honey Bee Necklace. Mixed glass and a Cloissene focal bead.

This honey bee necklace was fun and simple to make. I saw the focal honey bee bead and I had to make this for a dear friend of mine, A., who is beginning to raise honey bees on her burgeoning hobby farm. She seemed to like it I am happy to say.

I also made a simple leaf charm for a necklace for another dear friend of mine, W., who

Leaf Charm necklace. Glass beads with freshwater pearl.

loves delicate jewelry with nature themes. I love making things for her and it is always a challenge (but a fun one!); unfortunately I’m better with making these pieces than taking good pictures of them. Hopefully you get the idea.

If I get my act together I will take some more pictures of pieces I still have access to and post them here at the pond.









Now for some purses! I have to admit, as I have grown older I have become increasingly more crazy about purses. Anyone who knew me in HS and undergrad, please do feel free to laugh. Believe me, I’m laughing too, I never thought this day would come when I was a younger young person. My crafty nature is probably a big help since I love to make cute fun things that can be practical. I have big plans for making more purses and little useful bags but here are pictures of two I made over the last year.

This felted coin purse was my first foray into felting and only the second thing I’ve crocheted in about ten years. I used a Lion Brand Yarn free pattern (sorry! I will update this post with the exact citation soon). I used green ombre thread to

Felted Coin purse with wooden button accents.

blanket stitch the edges and seam the purse together.  This was a belated Christmas gift for my friend, W. which I made her months ago, gave it to her after Christmas, and am only now getting round to posting the pic. Oh well! It was fun to do and she seemed to like it which is awesome.

My cute little purse!

Earlier this summer I found this awesome fabric at my favorite local quilt store right about the time APQ Quilts and More came out with an adorable easy purse pattern in their Spring 2011 issue which I had to try to make for myself. Voila! My cute little unbirthday present to myself that I’ve been merrily taking around everywhere this summer. It is lined with a simple lightly flowered white cotton fat quarter. I had to modify the pattern from the magazine to be a 19″ square because of the way the blue flower bud fabric was cut from the store. It still looks cute though and it holds a surprising lot of stuff: my point-and-click camera, my iPod, my fountain pen, my coin purse, my keys, a small journal or paperback, and a pack of tissues. It’s like a mini-Mary Poppins bag. Sewing the fabric around the wooden handles was a bit of a headache since I didn’t have the sewing machine foot recommended in the magazine but I managed it well enough and it looks super cute.

More crafting posts of the rest of my handiwork will be coming up this week so stay tuned. ^_^


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