Meet the Quillow, cozy awesome fun

The Quillow is not an idea unique to me. I don’t know who originally invented it but if you google “Quillow”  you will find thousands of hits leading to tutorials, some even recorded on YouTube. There are even numerous websites and Etsy sellers who specifically make and sell Quillows. I am not associated with any of these people and I am not at a point in my life where I can sell my crafty wares. Rather, the Quillow is my go-to project for gifts to give people I love. There will be lots of posts featuring Quillows on this blog so I thought it was high time I introduce them to you. What, you may ask, is a Quillow? A Quillow (yes, I insist on capitalizing the name), is a quilt with a quilted pocket sewn on the bottom. When in use as a blanket, the pocket serves as a foot warmer but for storage purposes the blanket gets folded into the pocket and then serves as a chic and cozy home accent pillow.  I am a lazy grad student a creative person who problem-solves time saving solutions to advance productivity goals.  Therefore, I tend to use a purchased blanket or (snitching a page from my mom’s playbook) I make a fleece blanket rather than make a quilt. It depends on which store, the houseware store or the fabric store, mails me a coupon at the time. Maybe someday I’ll go to the trouble of making an actual throw quilt to sew a quilted pocket to but until that fine day I’m just going to use my blanket method. Below are a couple  Quillows I’ve made.  Hopefully I’ll finish a formal tutorial of how to make a Quillow my way in the next couple days, just to add my own stone to the crafty path.  In the mean time enjoy the cozy fun!

The prototype Quillow.

The prototype Quillow was an experiment on my part to see if my blanket method would actually work before I made a Quillow for anybody else. I used a red microfiber blanket. I like very scrappy projects so I used leftover squares from a quilt I had just finished for myself. Luckily my way worked, I have a Quillow that matches my quilt, and the rest is history.

Tim's Quillow! by Ellen Schneider

I made this Quillow for my father in law. The blanket is a tan microfiber fuzzy throw.  I was sad that it took me forever to finish but was thrilled that it actually matched the decor in their living room and their new couch. Sometimes missing deadlines turns out awesome!

Outline quilted fish fun! by Ellen Schneider

Quilting the fish was a new experience for me. I had never before outline quilted a design on a fabric and was so nervous that it wouldn’t look okay. Thankfully, sometimes trying something new works out great.


7 thoughts on “Meet the Quillow, cozy awesome fun

  1. I’m glad that the version of this blog that I received had “lazy grad student” scratched through, since I’ve never known you to be truly lazy in your entire life. Second, I stole this original idea from the ultimate craft lady, fellow Michiganite and HGTV star, Carol Duvall (a Michigan State University graduate, actually, which in part explains her cleverness). Ms. Duvall used soft fleece all around, I think I remember…while I liked the idea of the fleece blanket, I preferred making the quilted foot pocket/storage element to use scraps, too, as I recall (and it’s a neat design element, I think)…The tricky part of making them is to have the pocket so it is right side OUT once the whole thing is folded inside the pocket…so it’s best to be mostly awake at this point in the creative process…(not a last minute Christmas Eve project, for example–although I have made this mistake myself, much to my regret…Speaking from experience, even backwards, with the seams showing, these make nice gifts, though). Also key: Try to guess correctly the size of the recipient’s feet…I’m still not sure I made the pocket big enough for your husband’s Quillow…(I’m also not sure if Ms Duvall copyrighted that name or not…hmmmm–although I am sure that she’s not mean-spirited in any way…or so I’ve been reliably informed). Anyway, full tutorial instructions may still be at HGTV’s website, I’m not sure, (if they ever were there…it’s been a while since I visited HGTV’s website, particularly since they’re now less “into” crafts and more into home design and selling hints/ real estate tips for folks selling their property and such…sigh) In fact, when they unceremoniously and most rudely did not renew Ms. Duvall’s show or Kitty Bartholomew’s show, I boycotted HGTV for a while…In any case, I love your generous spirit!! And I particularly love how you really do finish projects!! You always inspire me!! I love this blog!!Thanks!!! I love your pictured finished Quillows and I’m sure your father-in-law loves his, since he loves fishing. Well done!! Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. How clever to create a Quillow that matches the personality. I bet your father-in-law loved it. I need to make one for a friend’s little on who is starting pre-school soon; it could be something that would come in handy.

    • Thanks for posting, msmouse! I appreciate the compliment. It’s mostly an excuse to play with more fabric and make people smile. 🙂 I’ll bet a quillow would prove handy when that little one is old enough to go camping and do sleepovers with friends and relatives. Good luck with your project! I’m working on a quillow tutorial that I’m going to post soon so be sure and check back here when you get the chance.

    • Yeah, it’s not for everyone. I will say though that sewing for oneself is way more fun than sewing in Home Ec. :-p Thanks for reading! I promise I’ll be doing another book-theme post soon.

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