Deck the tree with yo-yos!!

Today I have another quick post dedicated to some yo-yo crafting cuteness. I submitted these two project photos to the Clover project gallery but just because I’m proud of them I’m posting them here too.

First up is a Poinsettia ornament I made using the large oval yo-yo maker and the extra small yo-yo maker.

This was actually pretty tricky to put together and surprisingly time consuming. The hard part was using stitches to sculpt the fabric so the oval yo-yos would lie the way I wanted them to– they kept wanting to pucker on me in an odd way. I do like the way it finally turned out and if I’m really ambitious I think I might try to perfect the process for future gifts and/or marketing these to sell.

This next ornament is a little Christmas wreath I made for my older siblings. I based this idea off of one I found online but I can’t remember where.

It’s made by sewing together five small yo-yos made using the shimmery Christmas fabric I used in my yo-yo tree wall hanging. I used super tiny red and green buttons as accents. The ribbon is actually some gold ribbon I cut in half. I used one half as the hanger and the other I carefully stitched together to make the little golden bow. Overall I really liked how this turned out, it looks professional and was easy to make. If I make another one of these as a gift next year I think I will add one or two mini sleigh bells just because anything jingly is just plain more fun.


3 thoughts on “Deck the tree with yo-yos!!

  1. Have you considered making variations of these to decorate hats? Or perhaps to use to decorate a suit lapel? Perhaps to decorate a headband–sort of like a more conservative “fascinator” as the English ladies wore to the most recent royal wedding? Or would these make/decorate buttons? Or could they make more safe “eyes” and “noses” and “mouths” on stuffed animals–so the toys would be safer for toddlers who like to mouth toys? Do I remember decorating a tea cozy for you with little yo-yos? It’s easy to imagine these little guys decorating quilt squares…sort of like raised/relief Baltimore quilt style quilt squares? (This might replace actual quilting so tying the blanket would be just fine with say pretty narrow ribbon???) With a cup of tea–or two–there are undoubtedly zillions of things to do with little fabric scrap yo-yos…They’re charming and addictive aren’t they? Well done, Lilypond lover!!! We’re proud of your creativity!! Keep on keeping on!! After tea, we’re off to visit our beaver friends…:-)

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