Attack of the uber-cute Mollusks!!

Just a quick post today. My dear friend, A., introduced me to the joys of knitted amigurumi last fall. I immediately saw the geeky gift possibilities for my nerdy friends and family who have every other nifty stuffy and geeky toy.

My beloved big-sister (in-law) is a paleontologist who shares my own love for nerdy stuffies. When I saw the adorable amigurumi nautoloids on Knitty: I knew that I had to make her a set.

Here are the pics!!! Behold! A coiled nautolis.

<–A straight shelled nautolis! It was waaay easier using striped sock yarn. I think the yarn on this shell is going to be my new go-to amigurumi yarn.

Coiling that shell was so hard I had to show it again from another angle!

I also included this adorable snail I made. I used the pattern from:    which is super easy and fun to do.

And finally a group shot of all the mollusk cuteness! ^_^ 


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