Memory lane: my first canvases

In setting up this blog I waded through my photo files and I discovered my first attempt at “real” painting which is pictured. These canvases inspired me to start a fiction piece entitled “Lady Syringa of the lilacs,” which I never finished. Somehow finishing the paintings and giving them away sapped my writing momentum. I still have the file so maybe someday I’ll attempt its completion, I am ever optimistic of such things. Much as I know that this is clearly an amateur effort (gak! I can’t paint, more practice is needed) I can’t help remembering it fondly. I stayed up for 25 hours straight painting these two pieces while watching the anime, Fruits Basket, with a very dear friend of mine. We drank tea and ate treats and watched Fruits Basket together as I layered acrylic paint and creative tippets on canvas; reveling in the story and the music and the childlike joy of seeing the stars turn in the heavens to reveal a shining dawn. I have no idea where these canvases are today or if they make anyone smile but for me they will always be emblematic of the joy of creative process outweighing the joy of creative product. Much as I like the feeling of finishing something (and I do LOVE that feeling) sometimes the journey of getting there is just plain more fun. That journey leaves you wanting to set out from one’s hobbit hole with a fresh set of 19 pocket handerkerchiefs on another adventure almost as soon as you get home. Hallelujah for the journey!

In case anyone is interested, I painted with acrylic paint on canvas. The paper faeries are from a scrapbooking pad called “Once Upon A Time,” and the butterflies are from vellum scrapbooking paper. Both were fussy cut. Lady Syringa is made of scrapbooking paper, scrapbooking leaves, leaves from a silk flower garden, and flowers from a silk garland of hyacinth. I used a metal bead spacer for her crown as well as some broken glass beads for accents. Bead spacers were glued to the canvas in my attempt to indicate fluttering fairy lights. All of these creative tippets were attached to the canvas using Tacky craft glue.


2 thoughts on “Memory lane: my first canvases

  1. Dear technicolorlilypond,

    I’m just responding to your comments on Henry Miller and Collossus of Marrousi. I think his trilogies are better. I myself, feel grateful to Henry Miller for the reading list he provided me. In his books he very often talks about other books. Dostoevsky! I’d already read and loved Dostoevsky, but Miller’s passion for Dostoevsky further inspired me somehow. Knut Hamson (all his novels are the same amazing stuff, except for one, Victoria, which is different, and even better I think.
    To add to the reading list. Les Miserables, which I only read in its unabridged from a couple of years ago. Together with Tolstoy, Victor Hugo should be on the top for any serious reader’s summer reading list.
    I could add a lot more. Darwin, Freud, Kurt Vonnegut, Tolkien, Bashevis Singer, Hemingway …
    But I return to Miller because he spurred me on to do a lot more reading. By the way, when I went to Greece I visited some of the places Miller describes in Collossi, and they weren’t anything like Miller described. Or perhaps, I just experienced it differently. Same thing in Paris, the spots he mentioned were let-downs. Everybody has to find their own spots.
    Thanks for your blog
    My blog is bumbastories, and there’s stuff on Henry Miller in there, plus other reading and music.

    • Dear Bumbas, I will check out your blog, thanks for posting on mine–I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve found here. I appreciate your suggestions. Dostoevsky is on my radar thanks to Miller and the recommendations of others–perhaps this will be the year I get to read him.

      I can’t say I’m surprised that Greece and Paris weren’t at all what Miller described. I suspect they, and every other place, must be experienced uniquely by every individual. Someday I hope to go to Paris and find my own special places in that city. Much as I love Miller’s prose I think I’d prefer having my own experience anyway–he already wrote his thoughts and I prefer to find my own, preferably with more regular meals than he enjoyed. 😉 Thanks for posting and come visit again soon!

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