Ruminations on Crafts I want to try

So a primary purpose of this blog is to encourage me to try new techniques that I might otherwise not attempt. Being an incorrigible maker of lists I figured it would be good to start with identifying at least 10 crafts/craft techniques I want to try in 2011.
1. Inchies
2. Crazy quilt complete with embroidery
3. Art quilt, specifically one that includes curves and/or sharp angles
4. Doing a cut-away art quilt aka reverse applique aka cut away applique
5. Freezer paper stencil T-shirt
6. Glass etching
7. Knitting an amigurumi kraken
8. Needle turn appliqué
9. The Craftster Poppet and/or plushie Totoro
10. Bead Loom bracelet
11. Collage
12. Mixed media note-cards
13. Resin jewelry
14. Making a dress that fits me from a pattern
15. A Doctor Who Quilt
16. A Star Trek Quilt
17. Hand quilting something
18. Making candles
19. Sewing myself an apron
20. Making a pillowcase

Okay so I came up with a list of twenty things. ^-^ This is just stuff I have not heretofore attempted, I didn’t even include the projects I’m currently working on or the projects I’ve planned to do using familiar techniques. Well this is going to be a stellar year at any rate. Huzzzaah!


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