Course plotted and laid in, Captain.

Lake Superior shoreline in Marquette, MI. Taken by Ellen Schneider, 2007.

Welcome to my blog, Technicolor Lily Pond, an undiscovered country of imagination. My ambition is to dedicate this space to my creative endeavors. Primarily these endeavors consist of crafting (quilting, photography, beading, knitting, and other fun) and creative writing. It is my goal to use only images from my own photography in this blog so please do not use any photos posted here without my express written permission. From time to time I expect I will ruminate on other subjects of interest to me including but not limited to science, books, folklore, creative writing, and no doubt many other subjects. As a biologist, a writer, and an artist-in-progress I have a deep sense of wonder & curiosity about the natural world which I express in as many ways as I can. I hope this blog encourages others to look at the world around them and explore its intricacies for themselves. It is also my earnest hope that my chronicles will inspire others to try new crafts and techniques that they might never otherwise attempt to use to express themselves.

I hereby lay this challenge down to myself and my readers: if there is something that intimidates you (i.e. appliqué quilting or submitting a piece of creative fiction) instead of thinking about all the ways you might fail; ask yourself how you might succeed. Life is short; craft the best one you can for yourself and others.


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